Module GnomeSSHMenu
In: lib/gnome-sshmenu.rb  (Git)


Copyright 2002-2009 Grant McLean <>

This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the License.txt file (a BSD-style license) distributed with the software:;a=blob;f=License.txt;hb=HEAD


Classes in the GnomeSSHMenu module inherit from classes in the SSHMenu module and override methods to provide GNOME-specific functionality. The main differences are:

  • the use of gnome-terminal rather than xterm
  • support for gnome-terminal profiles
  • support for opening multiple host connections as tabs within a single terminal window.

Classes and Modules

Class GnomeSSHMenu::App
Class GnomeSSHMenu::Config
Class GnomeSSHMenu::Factory
Class GnomeSSHMenu::HostDialog
Class GnomeSSHMenu::HostItem
Class GnomeSSHMenu::Item
Class GnomeSSHMenu::MenuDialog
Class GnomeSSHMenu::MenuItem
Class GnomeSSHMenu::PrefsDialog