Module SSHMenu
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Copyright 2002-2009 Grant McLean <>

This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the License.txt file (a BSD-style license) distributed with the software:;a=blob;f=License.txt;hb=HEAD


SSHMenu is a simple GUI app that provides a menu for initiating SSH connections. Select a host from the menu and up pops a new terminal window containing an SSH session to the selected host.

Classes in the SSHMenu module namespace implement the basic application using Gtk with no GNOME dependencies. The GnomeSSHMenu module contains classes which inherit from these classes and add GNOME-specific functionality.

The main class in this module is SSHMenu::App which is instantiated using SSHMenu::Factory.


Classes and Modules

Class SSHMenu::App
Class SSHMenu::ClassMapper
Class SSHMenu::Config
Class SSHMenu::Factory
Class SSHMenu::GeoGrabber
Class SSHMenu::History
Class SSHMenu::HostDialog
Class SSHMenu::HostItem
Class SSHMenu::Item
Class SSHMenu::MenuDialog
Class SSHMenu::MenuItem
Class SSHMenu::PrefsDialog
Class SSHMenu::SetupWizard
Class SSHMenu::ShowVersionException

Public Class methods

Returns the URL of the SSHMenu project home page (for display in the ‘About’ box)


# File lib/sshmenu.rb, line 53
  def SSHMenu.homepage_url
    return @@HOMEPAGE_URL

Returns the version number of this release of SSHMenu


# File lib/sshmenu.rb, line 46
  def SSHMenu.version
    return @@VERSION