SSHMenu Developer Info

SSHMenu has been designed so that you can modify any aspect of the program's behaviour without modifying the code. Using the wonders of Ruby objects, you should be able to make your own class that inherits from SSHMenu and overrides the default behaviours in ways that work better for you.

Remember, SSHMenu is not tied to the GNOME desktop environment. It can be run as a stand-alone application and 'swallowed' into the panel of an alternative window manager. SSHMenu also supports the XEmbed protocol to allow it to be embedded in another window. For more details of these and other tricks, see the Hacker's Guide.

If the documentation is unclear or you need help with something, please use the mailing list.

Source Code

SSHMenu's source code is stored in a Git repository hosted by SourceForge (it was previously in Subversion). You can browse the repository via the web, but if you want to submit patches then you'll want to install the Git and check out a working copy of the source.

To check out the latest SSHMenu code, use this command:

git clone git://

Compatibility Info

The main dependencies for SSHMenu are Ruby and the Ruby bindings for GTK/GNOME. The original versions of SSHMenu were developed on Ruby 1.8.2 and Ruby-GTK 0.12) on Debian Sarge. Currently I'm running a more recent Ubuntu release which includes Ruby 1.8.7 and version 0.17 of the Ruby-GTK bindings.

If version 0.19 or later of the Ruby-GTK bindings are installed, some optional features of SSHMenu will be enabled (eg: the auto-completing text entry box). However SSHMenu will still work with reduced functionality on older versions of these libraries.

RDoc Documentation

You can access the RDoc documentation for the latest release of SSHMenu on this site. This documentation is generated automatically from comments in the source code.