Introducing SSHMenu

SSHMenu is a GNOME panel applet* that keeps all your regular SSH connections within a single mouse click. Here's a screenshot to give you the basic idea:

*SSHMenu can be used outside of GNOME too

SSHMenu Screenshot

Each menu option will open an SSH session in a new terminal window. You can organise groups of hosts with separator bars or sub-menus. You can even open all the connections on a submenu (in separate windows or tabs) with one click.

Here's a killer feature: imagine if every time you connected to a production server the terminal window had a red-tinted background, to remind you to tread carefully. Using terminal profiles, SSHMenu allows you to specify colours, fonts, transparency and a variety of other settings on a per-connection basis. You can even set window size and position.

On This Site

Debian and Ubuntu users can install a fairly recent version of SSHMenu directly from the distribution repository. For the most recent release, the download page links to the source tarball as well a package repository for Debian and Ubuntu users.

The setup section describes how to add the applet to your GNOME panel and gives detailed information about configuration options. Check out the FAQ page for answers to common questions. There's also a mailing list if you need further help.

Developers can find details on accessing the Git source code repository. The Hacker's Guide describes how the applet's Ruby source code is organised and how you can subclass it to make your own customised version. The RDoc documentation for the source code can also be browsed online.